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Stormwater Professionals is the ONLY full-service company for your entire site - interior and exterior, providing drainage solutions using sustainable practices.

We keep water out of your house, away from your foundation and direct it back into your watershed, resulting in pollution source reduction.  Our experts have been providing positive results for over 40+ years.  We understand the natural flow of water and the damage it can have on your site and home.


We work closely with our clients to identify the problem and establish the most efficient and cost effective method for remediation.  Our experienced and certified experts have the knowledge and access to the most current products and procedures available for your site's particular requirements.

Areas of expertise include :

  • Residential Storm Water Management

  • Gutters and Downspouts

  • Drainage Piping

  • Catch Basin / Trench Drains

  • French Drainage Systems

  • Dry Streams

  • Underground Dispersion Systems

  • Erosion Control

  • Pervious Paving

  • Experts in Rain Garden Design and Installation

  • Bio Retention Planters

  • Rain Barrels - Supply and Installation

  • Roofing and Chimney Repairs

  • Root Invasion Amendments

  • Foundation Repairs and Waterproofing

  • Structural Amendments

  • Master Watershed Steward Specializing in all Methods of Pollution Source Reduction


Kathleen Litchfield

Kathleen Litchfield, Owner of Petro LLC and Managing Partner of GreenVest Petro JV, is one of the Washington area's leading landscape and stormwater experts, with over 40 years in the industry. Her insightful advice on landscape design, construction, storm water and drainage solutions and practice has been published and quoted in numerous regional and national magazines. Her company has been chosen to design and implement numerous successful Best Management Practice (BMP) projects both commercially and residentially.

Kathleen has developed and taught accredited college courses in Horticulture and Landscape Construction. She has lectured for numerous Garden Clubs, the National Association of Remodeler’s Industry, Landscape Contractors Association, the Smithsonian Education Series, and George Washington University Landscape design program among others.


Her other experience and accomplishments include:


  • Master Watershed Steward of the Chesapeake Bay

  • Past Board Member-Watershed Stewards Academy

  • Past chair-Prince George's County Foundation for Applied Construction Technology for Students (F.A.C.T.S.).

  • Past Board Member-Elizabeth Seton High School in Bladensburg where she served on the STEM and LEAD committees.

  • Selected (1 of 12 people nation-wide) to participate in a 1-week, intensive outdoor study on climate change at the Smithsonian Institute where she worked with a team of research professionals and scientists to study and assess man’s impact on the environment as it relates to the Eastern forest and Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

  • Founder-Cedarhurst Buffer-Management Committee and chair for over 20 years.

  • Current Member-Director’s Circle for the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)

  • Current Board Member-Captain Avery Museum (CAM)

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